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Limitless Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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A powerful 25 minute hypnotherapy session to help you to quit smoking for good. Using the power of hypnotherapy, you can stop smoking.


Written and recorded by Award Winning Hypnotherapist Louise Squires


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fiona McKenzie
Worked for me

I decided that 2023 was the year I would stop smoking so I downloaded this session on 1st January.
I’ve now not smoked for 12 weeks, that is the longest I have ever stopped for. I don’t even want to smoke any more, I feel nothing when I see someone smoking or smell cigarette smoke

John Floyd
Not smoked a cigarette for 9 weeks

I started this recording 9 weeks ago. I listened every day for the first week and never wanted a cigarette after the first listen.
I still haven’t smoked for 9 weeks from 30 a day and I listen once a week now. This is the only thing that has ever stopped me from smoking

Ed Thompson
Finally given up!

I wanted to write a review about this stop smoking hypnosis because it’s the only thing that has stopped me smoking. I’ve done champix, patches and willpower.
After 4 weeks on this recording I’ve stopped for good. My wife and kids are so pleased and so am I

Sophie Taylor
Stopped smoking for good

I had used the Anxiety recording for a few weeks, which really helped, so I tried the Stop Smoking one as I felt it was time to give up.
I tried going coke turkey a few times over the years, but always ended up smoking again.
This audio has finally been the thing I needed to tell my mind that I don’t need to smoke any more. I haven’t smoked for 8 weeks now and the thought of a cigarette makes me feel sick.

Worked for me

I only listened to this app twice and I’ve given up for 3 weeks now.
I used to smoke 15 a day and now I don’t even want to smoke ever again